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Sanitiser Concentrate, Bleach, Bactericide and Chlorine based powder and granules. Cut flower liquid nutrients.

Sweets, Lollypops, Chocolates, Cake decorations, Biscuits, Breakfast Cereals and Peanuts.

Powders, Yoghurt, Desserts, Dressings, Salad Dressing, Honey, Chutney, Vinegar, Olive Oil, Supplements, Curry Powders, Spices, Salt, Pepper and Snack Dip.

Sugar Sachets:
We produce both in-house generic and personalized sugar sachets for restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and also for advertising and promotional purposes.

"Slenda-Sweet" in personalised sachets for Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Advertisers and Many Others.


Non-Food, Cosmetics, Wood Glue, Skin-Care Creams, Heel-Balm, Sun Block, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hand & Body Lotions.

We are able to advise clients on the best packaging materials to accommodate goods that are hygroscopic, sensitive to light (UVA/B) or sensitive to expiration.


The Wet Wipes are available in 2 sachet sizes: 60mm x 90mm and 60mm x 120 mm. The Towelette itself is 200m/m x 160 m/m

The Wet Wipes can be personalized to reflect your company’s logo and colour scheme and can accommodate Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic and Hygienic Applications.

The Wet Wipe material is of the highest quality and is Spunlace Towelette Fabric which is not chemically treated and ideal for cosmetic and hygienic applications.

The Wet Wipes are non-alcohol based and are suitable for all Religious affiliations. The towelette material is also suitable for all skin types.

Joypak offers you the opportunity to personalise wet wipes and other products, allowing your brand’s logo to be effectively marketed and viewed by the public. This is ideal for the Restaurant, Hotel, Coffee Shop, B & B markets as well as for advertising agencies.


Slenda Sweet is our own unique brand of Sweetener which is Kosher and also suitable for Diabetics. Slenda Sweet comes in a decorative easy to use display box which contains 50 x 1 gram sachets which is equivalent to 2 teaspoons of sugar. We supply Local and International markets.


It does NOT contain Saccharine, Cyclamates or Acesulfame-K.
Slenda Sweet is supplied in cartons containing 1000 Sachets. Joypak specialises in personalising Sweetener and many other products just for you. If you would like to purchase

Sweetener, Sugar, Creamer, Wet Wipes

or any other product with your own branding, please give our Cape Town office a call.

Joypak offers you the opportunity to promote and advertise your brand/logo on all products and ensure maximum exposure and brand recognition. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all packaging requirements are met and that designs are accurately represented on the sachet material.


Joypak is able to produce Tea Bags ranging from 1 gram to 15 grams in patterned Tea Paper.

We are able to blend teas to our customer’s requirements and can accommodate various teas, such as Ceylon, Rooibos, Buchu, Honeybush, and Herbal Teas. We are able to produce a Tea Bag with a string and tag. We are able to encapsulate individual Tea Bags in a clear or printed material.

The tag can be printed with your logo/colour scheme to add value and maximize advertising potential and exposure.

If you would like to discuss packaging ideas and options to personalize, please contact our office in Cape Town on (021) 5116605. If you own a Restaurant, Hotel, Coffee Shop or advertising agency you know how important brand recognition is and Joypak offers you the opportunity to promote your own brand on a wide range of products.


Flow Wrapping:

Towelettes, Tattoos, Fridge Magnets, Calling Cards, Crackers, Wound Dressing, Rusks, Biscuits, Presentation Packs, CDs, Tapes and more...

Bottle Filling:

From 3ml to 250ml, including Labelling.

Shrink Wrapping:

Individual Bottles, Bottles in 6, 12 and 24 Packs, Books, Crayons.

"Point Of Sale" Displays, Presentation Packaging and more...

Joypak also offers the following:
Filling and Labelling bottles
Filling and Sealing of Doy Packs
Overwrapping for Cigarette Boxes, Packs of Cards etc
Overwrapping of Perfume Bottles

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